Initially, this painting was going to be a cover for a trade paperback. However, Moonstone lost the license for The Spider about the time I finished. The publisher wanted to use the cover and suggested other characters I could change The Spider into, like the Bat.

I didn’t like the idea, as it would have been a significant revision for a painting I had spent a lot of time on. I thought it was one of my best. We agreed to walk away from it amicably.

Recently, the current licensor found my site and the unused cover. He asked if it was available. He only wanted me to tweak the mask and add the ring. Something that Moonstone had removed in an early stage. I agreed, and it is the cover to The Spider: Fury in Steel. On sale now! HA!

Type: Cover – The Spider: Fury in Steel

Media: Oils on board

The Spider copyright Altus Press