Welcome to Gary Carbon Art

This site is a work in progress and features my art, my photography, and examples of step-by-step progressions from concept to finished work. I add new work regularly, so stop by often to see what’s new. Thanks for visiting.

I am a Chicago-based artist.  I grew on up on a steady diet of comic books, TV, and movies. I focus my art on these characters in several formats – comic books, graphic novel illustrations, and photography.  I’ve has worked with Moonstone Publishing and Argo Press for the pulp character the Spider as well as other small publishers and characters such as Athena Voltaire and Erin Storm, a character I co-created with Rob Jones.

I work both traditionally in pencil, pen and ink, pastel, charcoal, gauche and oil paint as well as some digital work. I am use photography in my work and as the finished art for some characters.

My work includes covers and pin-ups of Batman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Superman, Black Widow, Hellboy, Black Canary, Vampirella, Black Cat, Elektra and Mister Freeze.

I also do commissions as time allows.